Berlin, May 12th-14th 2017

We met in Berlin and held two events: the 'How to feel home'-Workshop at The School of Life titled and the Dear Home exposition at the Glogauair Gallery.

dear home in Berlin dear home in Berlin dear home in Berlin

Berlin, March 3rd-6th 2017

We met in Berlin to plan our next steps as a collective, including a workshop at School of Life and a pop-up exhibition at GlogauAIR.

Moscow, September 8th-11th 2016

We met in Moscow for the concluding module of Balticlab 4.0.
We put up the booth we built in Gothenburg on the Patriarshy Bridge and at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design to collect reflection letters.
We presented our work at the Balticlab 4.0 presentations on Sunday, the 11th of September.

dear home in Moscow

Gothenburg, August 19th–21st 2016

We met in Gothenburg.
We built a booth to collect stories of reflections on home.
We presented our research in an exhibition on Masthuggskajen together with our booth.

dear home in Gothenburg dear home in Gothenburg

August 16th 2016

We launched this website to share the stories we have collected.

Kyiv, June 9th–12th 2016

We met in Kyiv for the second module of Balticlab 4.0.
We examined our research from the last two months. – we thought and conceptualised how we could construct more powerful ways on how to share the experience
We started collecting letters.

dear home in Kyiv dear home in Kyiv

Vilnius, March 23rd–27th 2016

We started our work on the topic of home, a mutual care of ours, during the first module of Balticlab 4.0.
We were brought together by us being from different places and our experiences to establish homes in new cities – we are all movers, by choice or not.
We started researching people’s connection to and creating of sense of home.

dear home in Vilnius dear home in Vilnius