In the Dear Home collective, we see ourselves and other migrants as members of the huge tribe of people connected with similar experiences. We all are living in a world of shifting homes and while we do so, we carry with these movements feelings of insecurity and homesickness, a need to change, an urge to grow, and even the ability to adapt to our new surroundings. All these can shed light or cloud our very perception of what it feels to be at ‘home’.

This is why we want to forge and deepen the conversation and redefine the identity of what it means to ‘feel home’. By providing experiences where one can become aware of one’s individual position within all the diverse narratives of others, we believe that we are able to realise there are many more realities that we often acknowledge. Hence, we created an interactive art exhibition, where people cannot only listen to the stories of migrants, but as well reflect on their own notions of home in a playful yet deep and engaging way. The project includes photographs, illustration, videos, an audio piece and set of interactive stations based on the input that we have gathered through our work the last months. We believe that art is as much of an experience as an object. By fostering it, we will be able to create deep and meaningful connections that will contribute to a more migration friendly world.

Dear Home formed in 2015 during BalticLab 4.0, a program organised by the Swedish Institute and the Council of Baltic Sea States.

Group members:
Alexander Bratt (Stockholm)
Agnieszka Bułacik (Berlin)
Samantha Hookway (Gothenburg)
Szymon Keller (Barcelona)
Elliot Silva (Berlin)
Agnieszka Wojciechowicz (Oslo)


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